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Here’s a behind the scenes look at the new ‘OAKK - GO’ music video made possible by Telus Storyhive. Lots of hard work and a whole bunch of friends old and new came together to make this project a reality and for that we are incredibly tight.

This project marks a milestone in OAKK’s career being his first official music video. The ask was for us to come up with a visual story focused on the themes of isolation and anxiety. He told us what he liked and what he didn't like.

This is what was spewed out.

Also If you want to read more text about how we made it happen, you’re in luck. There’s more words after the photos.

the final video


Behind the Scenes

thanks to beedee & kaitlin moerman for the great photos. click their name to see more of their work.

more text to read

With the song being a fast paced, forward driven and mostly instrumental track with no real lyrics, we leaned more towards creating chaos for our character.

The path of travel was linear, with breaks that moved us in and out of different scenes, sort of tossing (the immensely talented) Elaine Weryshko around carelessly. Bless up. We drew out blocking maps that looked like shitty football plays which involved technical camera choreography, in-camera lighting changes and transitions driven by movement. The edit didn’t required these long takes which were maybe, sort of impressive but who cares, it worked out better anyways.

Shout out to the larger cast, crew & friends that helped out on this one. Whether it was making our half-assed storyboards clearer, pressing the record button, xxxtreme blading skills, nailing the lighting, dancing like creepy kooks, enduring our searing professionalism, giving lessons on fashion trends or building things properly and safely so no one died, we thank you very much and we want to spend the rest of our lives with you.

With love,